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Guideline for use of images

Choose from our portfolio of selected images below. See the belonging caption on each image to learn what it illustrates as this may assist you in your application purposes.

Please do not modify the images or use them in a context that confuses Multicut with other brands including your own. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at, add a visual mockup of the intended use and we will guide you to the right solution.

Image 1 - Assembly line

One of our assembly specialists installing mechanical parts of a product. Multicut offers the best and most cost-effective assembly line solutions for finishing our customers’ machined parts. 



MULTICUT Assembly line-2

MULTICUT Picking lane-1

Image 2 - Picking lane

Our picking lane is an integrated part of our superior production line philosophy, M·Sys™. This philosophy is entirely based on the principles of Industry 4.0 and its fully automated procedures. 



Image 3 - Quality and testing

At Multicut, we have the highest standard of quality in the metal manufacturing industry. We put our metal components to the test and prioritize quality assurance in everything we do.



MULTICUT Quality and testing-1

MULTICUT Scalability-1

Image 4 - Scalability

At Multicut, we are scalability experts. No matter the complexity or degree of repeatability, we can scale our production to the desired amount and produce machined components at any scalability.



Image 5 - Surface treatment

We always offer surface solutions as a part of our manufacturing solutions. This way, we ensure that our customers’ components have a suitable surface for the intended environment and function.



MULTICUT Surface treatment-1


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