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Surface treatment

At Multicut you’ll get the best solutions within metal manufacturing. We meet your need in every aspect of the field. Therefore, we offer surface treatment as a part of our solutions.

We deliver finished items that have been through various coating or surface-altering processes.



With surface treatment, you give the item a surface suitable for the intended environment and function. In other words, you will improve the surface properties, such as appearance, strength, corrosion resistance, and friction and wear.

Our purchasing department works with a network of sub-suppliers that offers highly specialized processes, be it wet, powder, or chemical coating. 

The kind of treatment the item should have – if any at all – depends on the environment the item must be in. You can rely on our expertise to guide you toward the correct solution.

Quality-oriented sub-suppliers

When you choose to put the entire solution in our hands, you will experience a very quality-oriented company that simply puts pride in our work.

All parts of our work – from the first contact to the finished product – are marked by Danish quality awareness. Therefore, we have chosen sub-suppliers that live up to the same high standards, which characterize all parts of our work

In-house Oxsilan® facility

Where most of our surface treatment operations are carried out using local and trusted sub-suppliers, Oxsilan® treatment is done in-house. 

Oxsilan® treatment is a specialized surface treatment technique used where metal parts need to be perfectly coated even under conditions when they are subjected to physical stress. In our own Oxsilan® coating facility we clean the products, coat and bake them and measure the purity of the coating, which must be at 100 %.



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