NPI - New Product Implementation

Why is it important to implement new products in our production setup?

When given a new project, we thoroughly go through certain steps, that are part of our clearly defined protocol, to ensure that each product is embedded into our manufacturing setup in the most optimal way. This protocol is part of our company’s Quality Management System, where the best people for the job plan, test, and develop components to ensure that we can deliver components of our usual superior quality.

The process is implemented within a gated system to ensure that every key decision for processing, tooling, procurement of resources, etc. is agreed upon and registered for future revision and accountability throughout processing and delivering the products.

How does NPI bring value to you? 

Every time we initiate a new project, we go through a seamless process investigating which departments and processes need to be included in the project at hand. Internal processes are inevitably part of every company's workflow. But how do they bring value to you as a customer? We will narrow it down to these primary benefits that we repeatedly see when concluding a project. 

1. More cost efficient

2. Ensures a flawless production setup 

3. Seamless product outcome

4. Expert insights that prevent unnecessary product flaws


A flowchart for superior performance  

Every time we receive a new project, our stable process is to gather every step of the project in our NPI Flowchart, showing which departments need to be included. This way, everyone knows exactly what their part is, what materials to use, what implications must be considered, etc. 

It may look overwhelming, but in practice, it creates structure and streamlines every single step, so we can follow the product development journey from the beginning of the concept to the production setup to the delivery of the finished product line.  

MUC FLow chart-1

Flow chart illustrating New Product Implementation (NPI) 


At Multicut, we utilize every resource at our headquarters and production site in Vildbjerg (DK) and our resources in Fort Collins (US). We do this to create a team with the best application of experience and perspective for the project in question. 

We go through the process of New Product Implementation every time we encounter a new customer project to create the best possible foundation for manufacturing, and to foresee and avoid any errors that could otherwise have occurred throughout the production.

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