Whistleblower program

Introduction to Multicut A/S whistleblower policy

The Multicut A/S whistleblower policy ensures a high level of protection for persons who report serious offenses and other serious matters. The policy can be used if you experience or suspect these serious conditions in Multicut A/S or in conditions and activities related to Multicut A/S.

Multicut A/S is a responsible company with an open culture, where everyone can feel safe and express themselves if they experience potential breaches of the law. As a starting point, employees are encouraged to talk to their immediate superior or a member of the Executive Board in these situations, but it is also possible to use the whistleblower policy.

In the whistleblower policy, employees and other stakeholders may in good faith make (anonymous) reports of suspected potential breaches of the legislation, including circumstances that may cause Multicut A/S a financial loss or damage Multicut A/S's reputation.

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