A superior production line philosophy

A Superior Production Line Philosophy

Modern manufacturing is increasingly inspired by technological progression, reducing the need for human resources. At Multicut, we continuously optimize our manufacturing flow and -facilities to stay innovative and contemporary within the industry. This shift in our working procedure has brought along numerous advantages for our customers and our manufacturing workers.

With M·Sys™, our customers are guaranteed an ultra-precise, repeatable, and scalable manufacturing process at a low and flexible cost. 

At Multicut, we have invested in robotically controlled picking and handling lines that are entirely steered by robots and computer technology. This enables us to manufacture several uniform entities by means of automized processing. With our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, we’re able to produce any number of entities, from any type of material, faster, more efficiently, and more flawlessly than any human ever could.

We call this concept M·Sys



We utilize our resources

Our M·Sys™ concept is founded on the idea that our production facilities run entirely on automation from the beginning of the production to the final product. This means that we’re moving our employees from the front of the manufacturing process to the engine room in the back, where they make sure that every manufacturing facility is running smoothly.

It’s all about utilizing the resources we have at hand in the best possible way. Our competent workers are experts in manufacturing which makes them perfect candidates to manage complex automation facilities. Besides optimizing the manufacturing flow internally, M·Sys™ is very advantageous for our customers, as it reduces production costs, and increases the overall speed of production – all without compromising the quality of the products.

For this very reason, we believe in our flexible manufacturing system, M·Sys™.

Advantages of Multicut M·SYS
· Waste rate of 0%

· Extremely low tolerances

· Scalable solution at a low cost

· Stronger items


At Multicut, we have the capacity to produce high precision items in large scale with each
item weighing up to 100 kilos.

That is why we believe in flexible manufactoring systems. We call it Multicut M·SYS.

Watch the video below to see how the M·Sys™ concept transforms our traditional factory facilities into a well-oiled wonder of manufacturing.


As suppliers of cutting-edge manufacturing solutions, we always strive to create long-term relations with our customers and continuously invest in optimization, innovation, and growth. With our flexible manufacturing flow, M·Sys™, we can manufacture our products with ultra-precision at any desired scale - all while ensuring a low and flexible cost.

No matter the extent of the production, we can make it happen!

In this blog, we have described in much more detail how we utilize the concept.


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